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Female Pop Music Artists - Shaping a New Pop Music Era

How Female Pop Music Artists Are Making A New Pop Era?

The pop music industry is taking on new female pop music artists who are and shaping the world of pop in a whole new way. Let us take a look at how female music artists are shaping the industry, and the pop ladies who are breaking those boundaries.

As the years went by, music has taken a new course. You can see the change in music televisions and you can hear it on the radio. Artists like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Beyonce are some of the female music artists who are taking the music world by storm and at the same time shaping the entire pop culture around their style of sound. They are setting up a new path for pop and they are leading young future female pop music artists in the process. To tell the truth, they may be the last chance that the pop genre has.

Female Pop Music Artists and The Industry

We all know that the music industry is one of the largest and the most resistant industries there are in the world. They have mastered the strategies of creating music, recording it, and distributing it to the masses. They tell us what is popular, unlike a few years ago when female music artists - and men alike - were really known for their hard work and talents. If the radio station could not afford fresh new pop music, they looked for local and unsigned artists' music - many of those being the freshest pop music girls out there today - both female soloists, and bands alike.

Today, the music industry is striving hard to maintain what they had built, and at the same time they are struggling to fight piracy. As the styles of music change throughout the years, the industry has also suffered its own ups and downs, and today, the cost of music creation and production has dropped as well as the cost of distribution and marketing.

Pop Music Ladies - A Bit Of History

In the past few years a lot of new genres have developed, and the industry has called them "micro-genres". A lot of them are combination's of existing music styles. For example, the new genre ska is described as a fast punk with some Jamaican inspiration. Other micro-genres include Nu-metal, which combined hip-hop and hardcore into a song.

The rise and fame of these micro-genres was the beginning of how the Internet changed the music industry. Today, it is very hard to stereotype listeners, because you no longer had to be a part of a single genre-you can now listen to both types and more. Kids who listen to hardcore and metal can also listen to house music whenever they want. The Internet has also made it possible for everyone to discover new songs with just a click of a mouse.

Today it is obvious that the industry is taking on a wave of female pop music artists and talents who focus more on their appearance rather than their music. They have taken control of the pop culture and they now decide what is "hot" and what is not. A decade ago, it was never like this.

Female Pop Music Artists Leading The Way

Pop stars like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Beyonce are letting other female pop music artists have a run for their money. They have created numerous songs that have constantly made its way through the top charts. Although they dress in a peculiar way, their fans know that this is a new era - one to be owned my pop music ladies, and this is the new pop culture.

But other than paving the way for future female music artists into the new era of pop culture, these artists are showing the music industry that one thing never changes-artists still write about their own experiences in life. Their songs still have that substance, and they still like to include personal stories and experiences as inspiration for their songs. This makes their songs even more close to the hearts of their fans because they can relate to what their favorite artists sing about.

You're Right To Want More Original New Female Music Artists!

But one thing is always right and most important - you and me as the fans. Whatever the artists suggest, the fans know what they want. Despite what many record labels and music bosses might make of the change that you as fans are asking of them, there is no argument that YOU as a fan are correct to love originality, uniqueness and personality in female pop music artists, and the guys of pop alike.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, and screenwriter. Nadel wants to empower other people and strives to produce other artists and open doors for them. She feels it’s a win-win situation to discover talent. You can listen to her songs on itunes, spotify or on amazon.

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