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Make Your Own Free Beats Instrumentals

These days technology has developed numerous interactive software tools for almost every need. You will also find a number of music software applications that aid composers, disc jockeys, musicians, and music enthusiasts in creating beats for songs. These applications have become their scratch pads for song ideas or beats that they can include in live performances. If you are a music enthusiast and are interested in creating melodies, there are simple ways to make your own beats in a matter of minutes.

The traditional way to make beats is by using a drum machine. This medium will give you a more hands-on experience in creating rhythms. However, if you have no idea of drumming, it is a good idea to get music creation software which will help you to make beats in minutes. If you want to take this route, then the below tips suggested by Nadel Paris will help you a lot getting started:

  1. The first important thing is to set the time signature and tempo of your beat. For starters, you can leave these in their default positions, which will usually be 4 beats per measure at a tempo of 120 beats per minute. The beats per minute or tempo will slow down or speed up your beat and the time signature will indicate how many notes or beats will play before the loops starts over.
  2. The two main basis for any beat are a good kick and snare sound,.
  3. Now press the record button. After that play the metronome. Place the kick drum sounds on time with the beat which is usually on beats one and three and the snare hit on beats two and four.
  4. Add other sound elements to your beat to give it more personality. As music softwares provide a greater selection when it comes to sounds, you can place various tones of different musical instruments to these beats to come up with your desired melody.
  5. Once you are done, save the completed song to your computer by pressing the "save" button. Most beat makers will save your beat in MP3 format. Some others will ask you to choose which format you prefer.
  6. If you do not like downloading or installing softwares, you can go online and check some websites with free online beat machines to help you make your own beats. You may use the guidelines above as your reference.

Nadel Paris a recording artist, music producer, songwriter, dancer, and an actor. Her music is a mix of different styles fused with electronic dance beats. Getting an early start in music, Nadel was signed to a recording contract to EMI France when she was just twelve years old. Her passion for music was obvious choice for her, as she immersed herself in American pop music at an early age. She often works alongside her producing and DJ partner Dario M.

Know more about Nadel, please visit here:

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